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Nice to meet you!

I'm Ayana, a CS student in the Bay Area. I have a passion for using coding skills for social causes and supporting under-represented groups in STEM.

Currently, I'm an Explore intern at Microsoft!

In the past, I've attended CS programs at Google and Carnegie Mellon, developed applications with Trill Project and [Develop for Good], and studied abroad in Ghana!

Outside of coding, I love playing my kalimba, crocheting, and learning about other cultures. I love to chat with new people, so feel free to say hi!

Other Noteworthy Projects

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    A complete redesign and re-implementation of the website for the Trill Project app.

    Built with Webflow, CMS, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Focus

    A simple timer mobile app to help you focus on tasks and keep track of what tasks you have completed.

    Built with React Native

  • Face Recognition Web App

    Create an account, upload images for Clarafai API to detect faces in, then keep track of how many faces you've detected and compare your score to other users'.

    Built with React, Node, REST API, and PostreSQL


    A website, designed and built from scratch, showcasing the mission, features, team, and news for an app dedicated to improving mental health.

    Built with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

  • Portfolio v1

    The first iteration of my personal website/portfolio, which helped me learn the JS-HTML-CSS stack.

    Built with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

  • Post-it Politics

    A web app that condenses political information, then brings candidates into your living room via augmented reality.

    Built with JavaScript, EchoAR, HTML, and CSS

What’s Next?

Get In Touch

I love to chat about new opportunities as well as my past and current work! Feel free to message me on LinkedIn, send me an email, or simply fill out the contact form below!